Let your heart guide you.

It whispers, so listen closely.

 — Land Before Time

Loren Ann Mayo


Loren grew up in Florida living a fit, healthy and active lifestyle in and around the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and its spectacular beaches. She enjoys balancing her schedule with a wide range of activities including horseback riding, strength training, kickboxing, Pure Barre, paddle boarding and running. One of her favorite pastimes is strolling through the farmers market, buying up every delicious fruit or veggie she can get her hands on, and then spending hours in the kitchen cooking amazing meals and concocting new dishes for her family and friends. 

Loren's career is deeply rooted in journalism, working as a reporter, photographer and columnist for one of Florida's top weeklies. Eventually, she transferred her skills to marketing, and discovered she had much more time on her hands for her two of her biggest passions - traveling and fitness - and developed an even bigger craving for cuisine native to the countries she visited. Combining those passions and starting her own business seemed like the perfect career, so here she is bringing you the best adventure vacations on the planet. Eat your heart out - then work it off. Cheers! :)


Holly Morris


From a young age, Holly knew that travel and hospitality were a passion of hers.  After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Hospitality Management, she left Orlando, FL to work on a cruise ship.  She spent over two years traveling the world and learning about what makes a great vacation.  She got to visit some of the most exotic and beautiful places on earth during her time onboard and met interesting and amazing people from all over the world. 

After returning to “dry land” she decided to pursue a career in Human Resources, moving and eventually settling, in New York City.  While living in NYC,  Holly discovered her passion for fitness, joining many different gyms over the years. Ultimately, she realized she wanted to pursue a career that combined her love of fitness and travel with her business and hospitality expertise.