November 4-11, 2018

Get ready to pop the bubbly, because we're traveling to the dazzling French-speaking oasis that is Martinique! Known as the island of the "never-ending summer," with an average temperature of 79 degrees year-round, this piece of paradise really does have it all. Located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago of the Windward islands, Martinique is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Caribbean Sea to the West.

Volcanic in origin, Martinique is a mountainous dreamboat, offering a stunning array of diverse landscapes. It boasts sensational beaches, impressive hiking, rivers, waterfalls and dense tropical forests. This spectacular island is home to some of the most breathtaking sites in the Caribbean that attract travelers from around the world. Martinique’s most renowned attractions are what keeps them coming back!

Mont Pelee

Have you ever hiked an active volcano? Well, get your boots ready because we will be conquering Mont Pelee during our Martinique fitness retreat! This awe-inspiring site scrapes clouds at an elevation of over 4,500 feet. Although active, Mt. Pelee has been dormant since last erupting in 1932. The site also lays claim to beautifully wooded forests and cascading waterfalls to make for an experience like no other.

Balata Gardens

Balata Gardens (1).jpg

The picturesque Jardin de Balata or Balata Gardens is a private garden located roughly 10 km outside of Fort-de-France. Jean-Phillippe Thoze started the garden in 1982 but did not open it to the public until 1986. The garden is home to over 3,000 tropical plants and more than 300 varieties of palm trees. Visitors have daily access to the wonderfully crafted garden that simultaneously serves as a unique meditation destination and a photography lovers dream haven.

Les Salines

Les Salines beach is home to clear and calm waters.  Endless palm trees shade the glistening sand that covers the marvelous coastline. Visit this soothing destination on your free day and soak in the sun on one of Martinique’s most famous beaches.

Imagine planning your next wellness vacation to a destination as impressive as this. Join luxeFIT's Martinique fitness retreat for an incredible week of health and fitness in the tropics. We will enjoy hiking, sun, surf, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and much more! Take advantage of this unique travel fitness opportunity and book your fitness retreat today!

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