3 Ways to Stay Motivated After a Fitness Vacation


Fitness vacations are an excellent way to incorporate health and wellness into your leisure travels. Rather than being subjected to cramped hotels, you have the freedom to make the most of the open space and enjoy a rewarding workout with like-minded people.

Don’t be surprised if you catch the health bug after sweating with us all week. It will likely follow you back home and leave you wondering how you can continue your wellness efforts. Well, have no fear, luxeFIT is here! These three ways to stay motivated after a fitness vacation can help you keep that bug around just a bit longer.

Get a Gym Buddy

Fitness retreats are so effective because they incorporate group training. Have you ever gone on vacation and made a promise to yourself to workout that you knew you wouldn’t keep? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. A big reason why it happens is because there isn’t anyone there to motivate us when we need it most. By getting a gym buddy, you and your friend can help each other stay motivated and committed to eating right and keeping that body beach-ready.

Find a New Fitness Activity

Fitness can be really boring if you aren’t a natural gym rat. The gym is full of bulky, confusing machines and going for a jog with your over-energetic neighbor doesn’t sound too tempting either. Working out during a fitness retreat seems effortless because you are doing activities that you actually enjoy. Rather than just lifting heavy weights or running around the block, you go scuba diving, mountain climbing, and dancing. When you find a fitness activity that you enjoy it is much easier to stay active.

Set Goals

Another key motivator is having goals. Not goals of getting shredded in two weeks but realistic goals. If you feel like you are doing an exercise just to do it, stop!  What makes consistent training effective is that you gradually see results that help you get to your ultimate fitness goal.

Track yourself every step of the way through your fitness journey by doing simple things like jotting down the weights you can lift or miles you can run (or jog). Set goals of what you would like to do in a particular time frame and get to work! Training with goals in mind is all the motivation you need.

Jumpstart your training efforts when you join luxeFIT on our next fitness vacation! Every day of our retreats includes engaging activities that will have you burning calories while enjoying a great time in a foreign country with new friends. We share your passion for health and wellness and would like for you to book your next fitness vacation with us! Take a look at our upcoming retreats and sign up to stay in the loop today!