3 Fitness Retreat Packing Essentials

Fitness Retreat Essentials (1).jpg

Packing for a fitness retreat is different from packing for any other vacation. You will likely spend the majority of your time there taking part in intense workouts and relaxing yoga sessions, which is why it’s important you pack accordingly. You may be able to pick up forgotten items when you reach your destination, but last-minute rushing can add unnecessary stress. Keep these essentials on your packing list for an enjoyable fitness retreat.

Appropriate Clothes & Shoes

The best way to prepare for your trip is to take a peek at the itinerary and make sure that you have clothes to wear to every event. The trip will consist of workout sessions, yoga sessions, group meals, and daily leisure activities. Let this list to keep you organized while packing for your very first fitness retreat:

  • Plenty of bathing suits/swimming trunks

  • Training gear (2 outfits per day)

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Yoga clothing

  • Casual wear

  • Bathing suit cover-ups

  • Scrunchies

  • Hair wraps

  • Sweat-wicking bands

Essential Electronics

Carry all of the electronics you believe you’ll need during your fitness vacation. This includes performance trackers and music players. Some other suggested electronics include:

  • Camera

  • Laptop/Tablet

  • HD POV camera

  • Memory cards

  • Chargers

You’ll spend plenty of time training, but you should also remember that you will have some time for yourself. You can use this time to explore the local area and take pictures to bring back home or take a soothing bath as you listen to your favorite songs. However you choose to use your electronics, they’ll play a role during your fitness retreat.

Carry-All Pouches

Carry-all pouches or tote bags should be on every vacationer's list. This is especially true if your fitness retreat takes you to a tropical destination. It is unlikely that you’ll have a chance to go back to your room after every activity. With that in mind, you should carry a bag with everything you may need throughout the day including:

  • Wallet

  • Sunscreen

  • Sandals

  • Change of clothing

  • Lotion

  • Sunglasses

  • Electronics

Start packing your bags for the next LuxeFit fitness retreat! We jam pack every day of the retreat with health and wellness adventures that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Your fitness efforts should not go on hold for a vacation. Combine your passion for fitness and travel when you book your retreat today!