LuxeFIT guest spotlight: Elena Ollick

Snorkeling with sea turtles Barbados


We fell in love with Elena during luxeFIT Barbados. (It was really hard not to.)

The airline somehow managed to lose her luggage, which left Elena with zero workout clothes for our 7 a.m. workout session on the first day. Holly and I (Loren) of course lent her shorts and a sports bra, and despite the fact that they fit her Amazon woman torso like a bikini, she didn't complain. 

She breezed through two intense workouts per day with our trainers, surfed like a pro, got her cat-cows on during sunset yoga and kept all of our guests oh-so-highly entertained with her hilarious banter. We thought we'd let you get to know this gorgeous creature a little bit better with a Q&A and Elena happily obliged, so here we go! 

Name: Elena Ollick

Hometown: Kazan, Russia

Age: 31

Favorite sport: Beach volleyball

Personal fitness regimen: My ideal routine is three hours of beach volleyball four times a week and weight lifting on off days. (Three days, one push, one pull and one legs). On gym days, I also rollerblade for 30 minutes. Realistically, with my travel schedule and my daughter's schedule, what happens is that I either go all week just going to the gym, or all week rollerblading, or all week playing volleyball. Sometimes I am in town long enough to get back to my ideal routine, but mostly it's gym five times a week and volleyball once a week.

The one exercise I dread:  CARDIO! I f-ing hate cardio! I can spend eight hours playing volleyball in high heat non-stop (which is technically cardio), but make me run or do cardio for no reason (other than winning a game) and soon I will be hating you with all my heart. Rollerblading is the exception because it's actually fun and fast.

Fitness role model: Can I be honest? I am not a role model kind of person. There are a few ladies I follow on Instagram who have the body I'd like to have and serve as inspiration, but I can't even name them. Other than that, I usually try to focus on what I want and can do and my own drive rather than look to someone for role modeling. We all have different abilities, bodies, interests, desires, personalities. I don't see the point of raising someone else on a pedestal. It's better to focus on yourself.

Quote I live by: Believe only what you can verify.

Hobbies: Beach volleyball is my big passion, the one sport I am in love with; photography is something I have been doing and have been enjoying for 14 years now; traveling is my life, hobby and work.

Go-to healthy snack: Fruit. I love fruit. Whenever I have cravings, I have a pear. Cucumbers are an awesome snack. I love cutting up cucumbers with salt and snacking on those. I add eggs for more fullness if I am hungry.

Cheat meal/snack: I love any sort of white cakes. Rum cake, honey cake, mmmmm. (We can attest to this, as she ate the entire rum cake in our villa welcome basket.)

No. 1 vacation spot and why: Everyone asks me with how much I travel and it's the hardest question. I love going to new places all the time, and also almost everywhere I've been I'd go again in a heartbeat. But if I had to pick, I would say it's British Virgin Islands.

If I had a super power it would be: Teleportation — 17 flights a month get old.

Random fun fact about me: I do a lot of fitness activities, but in reality I am a total baby when it comes to exercises I do not like and will quit or whine if I don't want to do it anymore. Haha.

Number of photos I took on the Barbados retreat: Over 4000.

Number of bikinis I brought to Barbados:  15 (Don't judge, I pack with the idea that I want to dress according to mood.)