Breaking a sweat at luxeFIT Barbados

coconut yoga at Nelson Gay Barbados

Private beachfront estate. Housekeeping staff at your beck and call. Two personal trainers (in matching board shorts, of course). Coconut yoga. Surfing. Snorkeling with sea turtles...

Sounds like the best adventure vacation ever, right? (Did we mention the house-made rum punch?)

Well, that's exactly how we spent an epic week at luxeFIT Barbados!




Meet our Barbados head trainers, Dave Weiner and Levi Root of Definition Fit in Sarasota, FL. After assessing the athletic abilities of our guests and seeking out any past or current injuries, these two managed to whip us into shape with squats, coconut relays, swimming, running on the beach, TRX exercises, agility ladders and resistance bands. But what workout is complete without push-ups? Yep, we did those, too. 

couple squats

Couples squats, anyone?

Guests Elena Ollick and Joe Psyk loved our partner workouts — especially the squats!




We had a blast hanging ten with Barry's Surf School. A big thank you to Matthew Kieffer and Danny Edgehill for being the most patient instructors on the planet! 

Trust us, all this water kicking business does a number on your abs. ALL of your abs. You'll come springing out of that pool with a six-pack in no time! 

Day 4_20170504_IMG_6521.jpg



We know what you're thinking. Where's the relaxation? As you can see from the photo above, we're sailing smoothly along the Caribbean Sea. Nothing but reggae music and smiles. Oh, and a rum punch or two. After all, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

Check back for more Barbados updates, including our Barbados slideshow and video! 

*Photos by @befitandtravel