Photo Credit Elena Ollick

Photo Credit Elena Ollick

We have secured one of the best villas in Puerto Vallarta for our guests — a spectacular mountain-side compound with a private beach and spectacular views from all 11 bedrooms, each overlooking either Los Muertes Beach or the beautiful jungle surrounding the estate.  As always, each room features a private bathroom.

When it comes to your personal accommodations, choose either a single room with a king-size bed, or a shared room with two queen-size beds.  Whether you’re traveling solo or coming with friends, our luxury villas will surpass the expectations of even the most experienced travelers!  If you’re traveling solo and would like to share a room, luxeFIT will gladly pair you with a roommate during the retreat!

The Villa has a staff of 11, including a concierge, three houseboys, two housekeepers, two chefs and two gardeners to take care of us and cater to our every need.  Besides access to a private beach and only being about a four-minute walk from Puerto Vallarta town, the villa also has badminton, croquette and a whole lot of water sports options. 



Bedroom 1 - King Bed

Bedroom 2 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 3 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 4 - King Bed

Bedroom 5 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 6 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 7 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 8 - 2 Queen Beds

Bedroom 9 - King Bed