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I’m flying solo on this fitness retreat. Will there be other people traveling alone?

Definitely.  Many guests attend retreats on their own. You can choose to stay in a private room if you like, but we recommend that you allow us to pair you with a roommate.  In both the condos and at the villa, you will be sharing common space, and all guests will eat together, which allows our guests to get to know each other well and form lasting friendships.  You may not know anyone when you arrive, but we guarantee you will leave with a lot of new friends!

My friend and I will both be traveling on a luxeFIT retreat.  Can we room together?

Of course!  Just let us know at booking and we'll take care of it. If you choose to stay at the villa, we'll make sure you're rooming together.  If you stay at the condos, you will be in the same condo, although, given the various room configurations, you may have separate bedrooms. 

I have dietary restrictions.  Will there be anything I can eat?

Our villa comes with a private chef, and the majority of meals will be hosted there.  As long as we know in advance of any restrictions or requirements, we can and will plan accordingly.  We will also coordinate with local restaurants to make sure there are options available for you for any off site meals.

Can we consume alcohol on a luxeFIT retreat?

Yes, absolutely.  After a tough day of working out, we want you to be able to have a glass of wine at dinner if you’d like!  Wine, beer and rum punch will be served at most locations and will be included with several activities…this is the Caribbean after all!

Can I go into town for dinner or a drink mid-week?

Of course! Barbados has a very active night life, and we would be happy to offer suggestions on restaurants and bars nearby.  It is also a very safe island, so you should feel perfectly comfortable heading out on your own or in a small group.  Taxis are readily available from most areas, so transportation won’t be an issue either.